It may happen when you less suspect it: something unexpected occurs, and your database is gone, with all your valuable information. No panic: nothing is lost if you have a B plan. If you don’t, well, you should really take your time and develop a Backup Plan plan that keep your data safe and your organization working if something shows up. Both sides are important: it’s not just about data recovery, it’s about keeping the business on. That’s what data are for, aren’t they?

Business Continuity: that’s the new challenge. Cloud Technology can be a smart solution to keep your data safe. If a disaster happens, you will have access to your entire information 24×7. But in order to make it works, you need to develop backup plans, and choose a reliable Backup Service.

With Oracle Database Backup Service, cloud backups are always accessible over the Internet and in case of need, they are immediately available for recovery. They way it works is simple: data is replicated across multiple storage nodes, which protects against hardware failure and data corruption.

An Off-site backup is quite expensive and complex because you need to write your backup in tapes and then, ship it to a safer place (is it really safer?). Which means hardware costs, shipping costs, storage costs. A Cloud Database Backup Service will help you not only to manage a disaster recovery, but also to keep your business working if an accident happens and your database is compromised.

Here follows other advantages of Oracle Database Backup Service:

  • Compression can be used: it conserves bandwidth and improves performance by reducing the size of backups before they’re sent to the cloud for storage.
  • Data is encrypted at the source, securely transmitted and then stored in the cloud (and the keys are kept at your site, not in the cloud): you keep total ownership on your data and on the possibility to share them.
  • A centralized backup management allows high performance and heterogeneous data protection in distributed UNIX, Linux, Windows, and Network Attached Storage (NAS) environments. Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module provides also integrated Oracle Database backup to Amazon S3 cloud (Internet) storage.

If you are really aware that your business data matters and that they are the key to keep your company operative, a Oracle Database Backup Service will provide you performance, redundancy and security. If you are interested, please contact Unlocked ITnovation, your Oracle Gold Partner in Swtizerland and Italy, for an expert advice.