Our Values: Information Technology as Innovation Technology

In the current context, characterized by the acceleration of digitalization in all corners of our lives, both private and corporate, we believe that the role of the System Integrator is to follow the company in choosing the best IT service available for business purposes, to quickly response to any change in the external ecosystem.

Modern CLOUD technologies allow to reach real benefits in terms of process performance and ensure continuous improvement, unlike on premise solutions where the less frequent updating does not guarantee it.

Using a cloud platform allows Customer to access new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, IoT and BlockChain, without having complex infrastructures and know-how.

A more efficient and performing technology at the service of the company frees up internal resources for other activities, increasing the added value offered by people.

We help companies to meet the challenge of modernization, through projects and IT solutions that can bring significant value to internal business processes. We offer ourselves as a partner who works alongside the customer interpreting his needs and making its objectives as ours, in a logic of System Integration..

Flexible approach

Management independence


Processes Optimization

Customer as project focus

An approach “free” from any default schema

Unlocked means “open”, “free from blockages and constraints.” And that’s how we want to present ourselves on the market: as a system integrator of IT solutions able to “unlock” closed and inefficient systems, or create new ones based on clear principles: flexibility, adaptation, freedom of use.
The “tailor made” approach to the world of Information Technology drawn from a careful listening to the real needs of the customer and the study of business processes from which it comes. We then develop a project that aims to streamline business processes in order to optimize costs by increasing efficiency. And ‘only after this analysis the best solution to meet targets can be found. The chosen solution is then declined in order to integrate with legacy systems.
Once the project is complete, we follow the evolution through our maintenance services and training sessions for internal staff.

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